Monday, May 7, 2007

Last night I had a Dawn of the Dead like dream. First, My Mom has a heart attack, I have a big argument with the 911 person because they are acting like they don't care, and a group of state troopers are roming my house aimlessly with their guns drawn. Then, I step outside (our house is up on a huge hill) and watched a car drive down the street out of control swerving all over the place. I then turned and there was a zombie like guy wearing an orange T-shirt running toward me at full tilt (he was like 10 feet from me when I turned) with a little cicle/thresher thing and a mini garden rake. 2 seconds later he hacked me in the arm with the rake and pulled me into an open grave and told me that he was doing it for Duke University and that they RULE.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Psycho Chicks

a friend and I are being chased by these two psycho chicks. At first they were just two girls that were way to into us and wouldn't go away but then they turned into "FBI agent aliens". I don't know what they were after us for but they were after us hard core and we were freaked out. First, we were running away from them through a large city at night. Then we jumped on 2 bikes that we had on us somehow. Just when they almost had us we found a door that was open and jumped in to hide. My friend locked the door and I remember saying "dude your a genious". We then found our way to my car and drove to Georgia (from Texas). Then I noticed I forgot my cell phone charger back in the city. At that moment we both new we had to go back and then I woke up...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vader Encounter

So I'm on on vacation in some shack on a big hill next to a highway and a friend bursts in and says I gotta get out of there cause the snow is getting really deep and I am about to get snowed in and then he disappears. I run outside, get in my honda accord and my sister randomly appears and says I better bring the Bronco just in case the honda gets stuck so I run over to my Bronco, deflate it (like a raft), roll it up like a sleeping bag, and stuff it in the back seat. Then I run back into the shack to get my sword in case Darth Vader shows up. I jump back into the accord and immediately start sliding down the hill at neck break speeds (like chevy chase on that toboggan in Christmas Vacation) totally out of control. Next thing I know I am in some house with some old lady sitting in a chair wearing some puritan/omish dress and Darth Vader shows up. So I pull out my black sword and it has no blade, its basically a metal bar with a handle. He pulls his out and it has a blade of course (not a light saber). This jedi voice in my head says "use windmill style" so I start swinging my arm around as fast as I can like some amped up guitarist from an 80's hair band strumming his guitar except with a sword in my hand. Shockingly, I knock his sword out of his hand and then smash him in the nuts with the butt of my sword and he's out for the count. Then I wake up

Friday, December 22, 2006

Family Reunion with Brad Pitt

A few months ago I had a dream that I met Brad Pitt at a family reunion. He was a super nice guy but he wants to step outside to get away from all the "lamo's" in the room. So we step out and he lights up a joint. He hands me one and I take it (why, I do not know). As soon as it hits my lips it starts growing to the size of a large hotdog and is filled with yellow cake. So I start chewing it and he shoves it in my mouth and starts laughing.

-- Christian T

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Worst Demented Nightmare Ever!

Last night I dreamt that Satan gave me and all other men on the planet the choice between death and having sex with another man. I basically stalled. So they shipped me to some demented sex camp in Egypt and THANK GOD I escaped on route. And somehow I stole a silver coin in the process worth $5.

-- Christian T

Monday, December 18, 2006

Severed Head In Dentists Office

This is another short one... I find myself in a large yellow lit room in a dentists office. I am standing by a large stainless sink. I look in it and see a bald grey human head in the sink with with stitches all over it (kinda like frankenstein). It is alive and trying to get out of the sink by moving its jaw around. I just watched for a while like you would a fish in a fish tank. It didn't seem weird to me at the time. Then I woke up.

-- Christian T

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dill Pickle Village

I could only remember the last 30 seconds or so of this dream when I woke up but here it is... I was engulfed in this green atmosphere with a bunch of munchkin like creatures (like from the wizard of oz) and they were singing a song in unison. I can only remember one line of the song. It went... "With their hearts in their hands at the Dill Pickle Village". It was really creepy

--- Christian T